Rabbi Amel

Rabbi Commando


High Concept: Rabbi Commando
Trouble: Too righteous for my own good
Background: From a Land Asunder
Rising Conflict: Mercy is my Byword
First Story: Demon-Hunter
Guest Star: Beth Shalom is my Masada
Guest Star redux: Bastion of Hope and Faith


Amel was a young boy when his family immigrated to Israel during the great migration of Jews to the region in the 1960s. Within a year he saw his first terrorist attack. After this Amel vowed to do what he could to stop these attacks on his people. This led him into trying and succeeding at joining the prestigious Israeli Commandos when he was enlisted into the IDF. During this time Amel saw a bus full of Palestinian school bus rolling into a trap meant for his squad. Instead of letting the bus go he blew his cover early and forced the bus to stop, ruining the op but saving the lives of 23 children. After this event Amel realized he could do even more outside of the military and started rabbinical training while continuing his military duties. Towards the end of his schooling he was sent on an op to destroy a terrorist cell deep in Palestinian territory. During the op his squad started to witness strange occurrences. Upon arriving at the location his squad was attacked by demons. Finding that cell was actually cult shocked Amel and it took all of his spiritual strength to keep fighting. However with power of his guns and his faith he managed to prevail, but lost his squad in the process.

Rabbi Amel

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