Lady Margina

Vindictive Lady of Lilacs


Known as the Lady of Lilacs the Lady Margina resides in the Flower Garden at Manito Park. She resents being in this relative backwater of Faerie politics. She ended up here due to her title. However she earned her title by being a vindictive bitch. During a failed coup against the Summer Lady, Margina took the wrong side and ended up on the wrong side and lost most of her friends in the Summer Court. Since the madness and death of Aurora her stock has risen significantly.

Margina is known for making brutal and often deadly deals. This is unusual in Summer and often her demands are seen as unreasonable. However as the only Summer Sidhe in the Pacific Northwest she often has people going for these lopsided deals.

Margina is a middle aged, aristocratic woman with brown hair.


Lady Margina

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