The Lilac City

Hellhounds All Around

After defeating a Hellhound, Xian “Angel” and Officer Knezovich decided to find out where the beast may have come from. After dropping Angel off to take care of some of her own business, Knezovich decided to consult with his live in lore-master Never Never jumping roommate, Joshua Silver. After confirming that the hellhounds are servents of the Leandansidhe the two decided to seek out the last target of the Hellhounds, a former sorcerer previously in service to a dark cult. After finding him and seeing him saved by the local Rabbi Amel the group decided to find the reason the Hellhounds were invading.

This led the group to the local Winter Sidhe, Lady Orina. After consulting with her she struck a deal with a group. They will leave her alone for one month in exchange for information on the Hellhounds. Quickly accepting the deal the group finds out that the Hellhounds are part of a deal made between Lea and the evil demon Lilith who the cult the sorcerer once belonged too had attempted to summon a minion of and had failed due to the change of heart of the sorcerer. Needing to stop the attacks the group was left with two choices: Killing the sorcerer or ruining the deal between the Lea and Lilith. Orina provided this information saying that Lilith was supposed to procure a resource from a place Lea couldn’t go. The group decides to ruin the deal.

Figuring that the place Lea couldn’t go was in the territory of the Summer Court the group journeyed to Manito Park to talk with Lady Margina. Upon arriving in front of the Lady however the group was attacked by a group of hellhounds. After dispatching the hellhounds with a few minor injuries the group proceeded to talk with Margina. Margina offered a much tougher deal then Orina. To Knezovich and the Sorcerer she asked for a favor to be named later. To Joshua Silver she wanted him to retrieve an item from the lands of the Winter Court. After receiving their promises she told them that Lea is trying to get a rare gem used in advanced glamours from a cave guarded by Golems. Lilith has two weeks to retrieve the crystal.

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